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Have questions about our services, process or anything else we do? Please check out our frequently asked questions below. You can also contact us or call us at (301) 924-6800.

We always provide personalized service. When you call us, we personally answer the phones.

We have been in business for over 30 years.

We work on commercial sites.

When the grounds look well taken care of, it attracts people to your business.  We will send a team member for a site visit and provide a sketch and or design.  We will also give you an estimate with the most cost effective solution and then schedule the work.

Plants go dormant in the winter and need proper pruning in the fall. We will prepare your plants for a safe winter.

Our professionals receive continuous education and training which keep them up to date on all aspects of the business and have numerous certifications.

Yes, most of our staff is bilingual.

We carry all of the required insurance for all of our projects.

Yes, we work with subcontractors and general contractors.

We are happy to provide references.

We communicate regularly by email, but more importantly by telephone.

All services outside of the building.

We work with you and we are also happy to work with your designer if you have one.

Yes, we are MHIC certified & licensed general contractor.

Yes, our workers are certified.

We provide various types of paving. We also do paving and striping of parking lots.

We do provide landscaping maintenance and will provide a plan to best fit your project and budget.

We work closely with our clients and provide a written schedule that works best for them. we make sure that the number of visits are very clear.

When executed properly, elaborate landscaping is not bad for the environment.

Yes, we do provide shrub planting, but we also plant large trees and all types of planting.

Gold Leaf provides free estimates for any project requests.

Slope stabilization is one of our specialties.  We are the best in the business and can handle any type of terrain.

A detailed schedule is provided for each project, so you will know exactly how long your project will take.

Yes, the same leader will be at the site all the time.

Once we start a project, we stay on it until it is finished.

This really depends on the project.  We are happy to meet with you and discuss. Call us anytime.

Annual comes out one time per year.  Perennial comes out every year.

Planting are guaranteed for one year. Lifetime guarantee if we maintain the property.

Yes, we can take other firms designs to meet your needs.

We encourage our customers to be educated before we install.

Payment schedules are provided at signing of project or with estimate. If you have billing questions, our corporate office is happy to help.

There are three main reasons why professional maintenance of your property is important: to protect your investment, for environmental reasons and also the property will be aesthetically pleasing.

A full detailed maintenance program will be provided for your site.

We remove large clumps of grass and leave small amounts of clippings for nutrient value.

You will be notified and the site will be serviced the following day.

We do provide Blower Truck Services.

For maintenance we offer annual contracts or multi-year contracts.

Not if the design is implemented. The design fee is credited back to you upon installation.

Yes, we are very confident that you can rely on us 100%!

The best time to plant is usually in the fall.

Hardscaping is non-living/in-organic. Softscaping is living material

We service the Mid-Atlantic Region.