Design Erosion Control

Erosion Control and Staircase Construction

Erosion Control and Staircase Construction is something that Gold Leaf Group excels in! We can help you solve any situation because our staff is so experienced. This particular customer had very challenging problems and really needed our services.

Customer Problem:

The customer came to us with two major problems The first was that their slope was failing and 10 to 15 feet of their land, including trees, had been washed into the water. In addition, they had had a new dock built with no way to get to it from their home on top of the hill. Determined not to allow this continued erosion of their land occur, the Gold Leaf Group was hired to solve both of their problems.

Gold Leaf Group Solution:

The first thing that we did in this situation was to take the steps to stop the erosion of the land and trees into the water. We were able to recover almost 10 feet of lost land. We built a living wall to stop the slope from eroding and then build a beautifully structured and lighted staircase that enabled our client to access their dock.

Progress Photos – From Start To Finish