Landscape Services

Residential and Commercial Landscaping

Gold Leaf Group is proud to provide our customers with the finest in residential and commercial landscaping services in the green industry. Some of the specific landscape related projects we have done include:

  • Design, Build and Install
  • Beautiful Planting
  • Turf Care
  • Hardscaping
  • Low Voltage Lighting
  • Water Features

Our team is ready to provide the valuable services you require if you’re looking for landscape services near Maryland. We work with you to determine how to improve your landscape and use your space best. We provide landscape services for commercial and residential properties, designing and installing the right landscaping features to fulfill your vision of your dream property.


Design Services

Gold Leaf Group provides full-service residential and commercial landscaping utilizing a design/build philosophy. We have extensive experience managing and executing projects of all scales and levels of complexity. Not only do we look to meet our customer’s needs, but we also strive to provide solutions that enhance the communities in which we work.

We also offer free, contactless, professional digital design “before” and “after” drawings of your project. This is a great way to understand and see how the transformation will look. Our landscape services near Maryland ensure you love how your property looks. After receiving your approval, our landscape experts get to work transforming your property.

When you hire Gold Leaf Group, you can be assured that we will provide consistent communication throughout the project, prompt delivery, and friendly, professional service. Our experienced team develops the best landscaping plan to give you fantastic results.

Why You Should Choose Design-Build:


Highest Quality

We use the best products, delivered by our friendly professional staff.



We do our best to give you the most cost-effective means to complete your project within budget.



We give you one point of contact for streamlined communication.



With a single point of contact, scheduling is quick, and the work is completed on-time.

Slope Stabilization

We utilize the best stabilization techniques, from stone or concrete retaining walls to living vegetative walls. This landscape service near Maryland is a valuable asset to improve how you use your property and add aesthetic appeal. Stabilizing slopes means you won’t have to worry about deterioration due to rain and other wear and tear.

These are installed with an eye for aesthetics and the planting environment in mind. No matter how steep the slope, we can manage it!

We Are Your Reliable Source for Landscape Services Near Maryland

When you’re ready to embark on your landscaping project, our team is on hand to tackle the job. We know landscaping and help with every step, from planning your landscaping to installing every feature. We work with plants and hardscaping elements to create functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces for homes and businesses. We’re confident that you’ll love what we do with your property.

Contact us today to schedule your landscape service near Maryland.